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09 November 2009 @ 09:04 pm
I am so angry. -_- The LJ is deleted my last post, where I wrote a lot, and I couldn't save it, so I am very pissed off... -_-"
Anyway. I try to start again... Huh.

This isn't too big thing, but I'm ready with the community, so I am very glad. ^^ It was so hard for me to write a blog, and in the blog I shared my graphics, and I just wanted seperate this two thing already. And I made it. ;D Oh yeah.

So... What is this community for?
● I'm sharing here my graphics, like icons, wallpapers, FO banners and so on...
● I'm sharing here my other fandoms: mostly fanfictions, but sometimes fanarts, too.
● I'm sharing interesting pictures what I made, or I found it on the internet.
● Sometimes I'm uploading videos or musics, rarely piano sheets, scans, etc.

Rules of the community:
● This community is FRIENDS ONLY, okay? So, if you want to visit my works, you need to join. Feel free to join, and I love you, if you do it. ^^ However, sometimes I make my posts public, don't worry. ;D
● You cannot post in this community, because it's mine. But...
● ...comments and their writers are ALWAYS LOVED. ♥ If you like my work, just please, write some word. I love to hear / read, if somebody likes them. :]
● You can save my works to your PC, and you can use them, too, but please, if you take them, CREDIT, and DO NOT REPRESENT THEM AS YOURS!

Finally, some word about myself. ^^
● Name: Evelin
● Country: Hungary
● Age: 15 (pretty young, isn't it? >.<")
● Like: ASIA (mostly Japan and Korea, but I of course love the others, too), graphics, reading, writing, MUSIC, playing on piano, drawing, singing, winter, vampires
● Hate: liars, cheaters, liver, mushroom, cockroaches, techno

So, I think thats all. ^^ I love you, if you join, and more love you, if you write comments, too. ^^
Thank you for the reading!
Current Mood: workingworking